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Dennis Loiacono and Pamela Monk 


Sixteen year old immigrant abused, bound between the Old World and the New, brutally kills her family choosing freedom by deadly measures in 1906 New York. Murder or self defense? Terranova chronicles the price of her survival.

 Monreale Productions would like to thank everyone for the support given to "Terranova" during our run at the NYC International Fringe Festival and Encore Series
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"Awesome play, the cast is excellent, particularly Laura Lamberti as Josefina Terranova, she will dazzle and disturb as she takes us inside her heart full of pain, promise and potential. "-

The shining light of Terranova is Laura Lamberti, the actress who played Josefina. With her fiery and sympathetic performance, alternating between speaking Sicilian and English beautifully, she reminded me of an Italian Penelope Cruz, and ignited the piece......I was drawn into the play and the story" -The Examiner

"Directed by Theresa Gambacorta, this premiere production is riveting, not least for Laura Lamberti's stunning performance " ~ Theater Review

 I  have already seen ten productions and readings of new
 authors.  Exceptional is a production by 
 Monreale Productions. They present the strong drama
 "Terranova" by Dennis  J. Loiacono and Pamela Monk.
 The young, very good and
  touching, Josefina ( Laura Lamberti ) is accused of
 murdering the Gaetano  ( Joseph LaRocca ) and Concetta
 ( Lucia Grillo ).She didn't deny it. With the help of
 lawyer Palmieri  ( Steve DiNardo ), reporter Dix ( Raissa
 Dorff ) and an ambiguous Hearst ( John Gazzale ), the
 reasons of this unusual revenge are unfold.
 The couple who sheltered the young girl with the
 pretense of protecting her, abused her sexually and
 emotionally instead. In a great dialogue, in tears,
 Josefina, who is renounced by her husband Giuseppe ( Emilio
 Tirri ) This is 1906, far away from the reality
 of today. The conditions depicted in the story do not
 exist anymore in Italy.
 Great ensemble, directed with cleverness and style
by Theresa Gambacorta.  Sold out performances, a
 success.  Mario Fratti American Oggi….


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