Getting Ready for the Encore Series Getting Ready for the Encore Series Emilio Tirri (Giuseppe Terranova) 50910688 Laura Lamberti (Josefina Terranova) 50910689 Joe LaRocca (Gaetano) Laura Lamberti (Josefina) Lucia Grillo (Concetta) 50910690 Lucia Grillo (Concetta Reggio) 50910691 John Gazzale (William Randolph Hearst) 50910692 Margo Singaliese (Maria DeAngelo) 50910693 Raissa Dorff (Dorothy Dix) 50910694 Emilio and Steve 52171106 The Cast 51856090 Steve( John Palmieri) 52171107 Palimeri,Hearst, Dix 52171108 Margo Singaliese (Aunt Maria) 52171109 Laura (Josefina )and Margo (Aunt Maria) 52171110 Laura and Raissa 52171111 Joe and Emilio 52172179 John Gazzale(Hearst and Dix) Raissa 52171112 Joe (Gaetano) Emilio( Guiseppe 52172580 Joe LaRocca 52172581 Mr .Hearst ( John Gazzale) 52172582